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Fred Whitfield Named 2019 Citizen of the Carolinas
Economic Development News

Two Economic Development Announcements in the Charlotte Region

On Monday, Arrival, a global electric vehicle (EV) company, announced plans to establish its first U.S. Microfactory in York County. The $46 million investment into the region will create 240 new jobs. Benestar Brands, an international snack food manufacturer, announced on Tuesday, they will create 129 jobs in Cleveland County and will invest $24 million to

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Investor News

Moore Nanotechnology Systems ("Nanotech”) Announces Grand Opening of Ultra-Precision Machining Process Development Center in Concord, NC

SWANZEY, N.H., September 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moore Nanotechnology Systems (“Nanotech”), a leading global supplier of ultra-precision machining systems, announces the grand opening of their Ultra-Precision Machining (UPM) Process Development Center in Concord, North Carolina. Nanotech has seen significant growth around the world as

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