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CLT Business United

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In these unprecedented times, one thing is certain: We’re all in this together. Perhaps no other event in recent history has disrupted how we do business, go about our daily lives, and overall, how we connect with each other.

We’re here to make connections stronger and invite you to be a part of it.

As the leading voice for the Charlotte Region’s business community, the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is introducing CLT Business United.

This focused effort will connect all regional businesses by providing integral resources to help you better manage through this crisis and prepare for how we emerge from it.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

CLT Business United

CLT Business United provides free, online access to curated materials, including links to business-focused communication and tools; inspirational and informational podcasts with regional thought leaders; helpful webinars; daily breaking newsletters; and access to engaged followers on our social media platforms.

You’ll also receive our exclusive survey data, which offers perspective on the important issues affecting your business.

CLT Business United

Additional Program Details

COVID-19 web portal – This portal includes links to information on health, workplace and business resources, plus quick access to other important timely information.

CLT Alliance Talks – Weekly podcast with regional thought leaders; helpful webinars; breaking news alerts; a weekly business digest with top stories across the region; and access to engaged followers on our social media platforms.

CLT Alliance Digest – Weekly newsletter on national, state and local developments that provide valuable information to help you respond to the rapidly changing business environment.

Social Media Platforms – Ongoing communication to help capture how businesses are coping through the crisis, plus informative Alliance posts.

Custom Surveys – Surveys that capture the pulse of the regional business community, highlighting the most pressing issues as the pandemic evolves.

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CLT Business United

Prosperity for All

We know this information is needed and you deserve it at this critical time. In our recent survey, 67 percent of our region’s businesses expect the impact of the pandemic to last up to six months.

But there is good news. Businesses, government, education and community organizations are showing up to care for our community, our businesses and the people who call Charlotte and the region home. It is this can-do, united spirit that truly makes our region strong. We’re here to shine a light on these examples and work toward making Charlotte a region where all can thrive.

Together let’s stand united in making the Charlotte Region stronger and even more connected.

COVID-19 resource portal
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