Investor News October 1, 2020

City of Charlotte Announces Thrive Hiring Grant to Create New Jobs_copy

The Thrive Hiring grant is an incentive provided to mid-sized Charlotte businesses that are hiring multiple employees as an incentive to boost job creation and to help put displaced Charlotte residents back to work. Companies will receive $5,000 per hire so long as companies and positions hired for meet eligibility requirements (see below). Companies have to commit to hiring a minimum of five people and may be incentivized up to 30 hires.

Eligibility Requirements:
The Thrive Hiring Grant is available for mid-sized businesses that are based in or have an office location in the City of Charlotte. Businesses must have at least 25 employees and no more than 500 employees. They must be a licensed business certified in the state of North Carolina. Staffing agencies are ineligible for this grant unless hiring for internal positions. Businesses located in Charlotte’s Business Corridor Revitalization Geography (BCRG) are eligible to receive $6,000 per hire. Hires must be offered $13/hour or more and must be on the payroll by December 15th, 2020.

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