Alliance News July 29, 2020

CLT Alliance forms Healthcare Cabinet to think outside the box

The CLT Alliance has recently established the Charlotte Regional Healthcare Cabinet.  We’ve assembled medical professionals from across the Charlotte Region to engage with us on healthcare in relation to economic development.  For all locations, healthcare is an important sector.  The 2020 pandemic, however, has emphasized the importance of having strong established healthcare networks and systems to quickly rise to the top.

The Cabinet was initially created as a means for the Alliance to share information about the availability of crucial PPE with our regional healthcare systems and hospitals.  We quickly discovered, however, that the necessity of the Cabinet went far beyond PPE.  It became apparent that the Cabinet was the ideal location to ensure the Charlotte Region’s healthcare supply chain is healthy and strong.  The focus of the Cabinet is now centered around working together with our healthcare leaders and economic development professionals in the Region to ensure we have a robust supply chain.

It has become an overused expression, but we are truly in unprecedented times.  Economic development organizations have quickly learned to think out of the box and be creative with the ways in which we serve our communities.  The region is fortunate to have several of the best healthcare systems in the nation.  We have a robust healthcare network across the region and the willingness of the medical community to come together with the Alliance is a display of the true essence of regionalism.  The Charlotte Region will bounce back quicker because of the willingness of the communities and businesses in our area to come together as one.

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