Alliance News June 23, 2020

CLT Alliance Issues Congressional Call to Action

The following call to action was sent from the CLT Alliance to Charlotte Region Congressional leaders this afternoon:

Yesterday, we saw severe restrictions placed upon our immigration system. These actions have positioned the U.S. as saying to the global business community: we are not open for business.

The Charlotte Region is one of the fastest growing and most competitive economies in the country in large part because of our immigration system. International investment has driven the establishment of nearly 1,000 companies in our region. These companies employ more than 80,000 people – American-born and immigrants alike. Those international companies have created more than 7,600 jobs in just the last six years resulting in more than $1.1 billion of investment in the region. The L-1 visa program played a major part in enabling this investment. In addition, employers of all sizes across the region rely on H1-B visa holders to fill critical jobs like engineers, nurses, and executives. Further, the ability to draw from a global talent pool increases our own talent development efforts ensuring our country and our region are best-positioned for innovation and competitiveness.

We need policies that help spur long-term, sustainable economic growth, not policies that effectively shut down international investment.

We urge you to take action to reverse course, putting our region back on the path to recovery and reigniting our opportunity for increased investment.

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