Alliance News November 4, 2019

CLT Alliance Announces Staff Additions and Promotions

Janet LaBar, CEO and president of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, is pleased to announce recent additions and promotions to the organization’s staff.

Joe Bost will lead the advocacy pillar at the Alliance. As senior vice president of state and regional policy, Joe plays a critical role in lobbying for business-friendly policies in Columbia, Raleigh, and Washington that will make the Charlotte Region the most attractive place for investment in the nation. 

Longtime Charlotte Business Journal executive Allen Clark is now a member of the Alliance’s Business Development team. Allen manages investor accounts and partners with the Business Recruitment team to identify companies/organizations in need of resources or data for expansion, or retention efforts. 

Rod Garvin will manage the organization’s Talent Insights & Foundation efforts. As senior vice president, Rod will leverage his business community relationships to better align educational resources and industries.

Rob Horton, previously vice president of client engagement at Wray Ward, is the organization’s new chief marketing and communications officer. In the role, Rob oversees the Marketing and Business Recruitment teams with a keen focus on promoting the Charlotte region.

Steven Pearce now manages the economic development team which has been renamed to Business Recruitment. As senior vice president, Steven is responsible for overseeing the new business recruitment strategy for the Charlotte region focused on creating new jobs and investment opportunities.

In addition to the title of chief operating officer, Blair Stanford has been promoted to executive vice president. Blair oversees internal operations for the Alliance and collaborates with LaBar on overall strategy and annual plan development, implementation and measurement.

As the Alliance nears the end of its first year in existence, more exciting changes – including a new strategic plan – will be announced at the organization’s Annual Meeting, Dec. 3. For more information on the meeting which is open to the public click here.

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