Join the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Meetup Program

Looking for a new way to connect with local businesses? Perhaps you have a unique networking space you’d like to promote? We’re here to help. Introducing the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Meetup Program. To access it, simply download the app from your app store and click on the meetup icon.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this new program:

  • Host a meetup on a topic of interest or attend one
  • List your space as a potential meetup location
  • Promote unique offerings or creative ideas for meetups in your space

Want to know more? For details on hosting a meetup, see the FAQs listed below. To have your space added to the list of possible meetup locations, complete this form in its entirety. It’s that easy!

If you have further questions or ideas about ways we can enhance the meetup program, contact Katie Tanner at or 704-378-1366.

Visit the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Meetup page here.

For a quick look at our Meetup calendar, click here.


Charlotte Alliance Meetup


What is the purpose of a Meetup?
Meetups provide a different platform for our members to connect with each other which can lead to enhanced networking and sales opportunities.

Who can host a Meetup?
Any member of a chapter board, sponsors, business owners seeking promotional opportunities and topic experts seeking to connect members.

How do I know if my idea meets Alliance Meetup guidelines?
Ask yourself, does the proposed topic fit our mission to connect, innovate and grow opportunity for ALL who do business in Charlotte?

What is my responsibility as a host?
Three weeks before your Meetup date, send the topic, date and time to Katie Tanner at for approval. If the date of the Meetup is less than three weeks out, you must first confirm availability.

Select a location and reserve the space. Your Meetup can take place anywhere in the city. If you are having trouble thinking of a fun place to meet, there is a database of Meetup Locations available – coffee shops, restaurants and breweries.

Let us know how your meetup went! Be sure to email Katie with details we can share.

Please note: a representative from the chamber will not always be in attendance. The host is responsible for managing attendee experience.

Is there a charge for Meetups?
There is no cost for people to attend a meetup other than food or beverages (if desired) which must be purchased by the attendee directly from the host location.