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Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

Legislative Agenda

We outline our most pressing policy priorities as our experts fight for those that will make the Charlotte region the best place to live, work, and do business in our nation.

Legislative Agenda

Economic Growth

Maintain an environment that provides the Charlotte Region a competitive advantage in attracting diverse industries that contribute to the overall health of the economy.

  • Support tax policy that encourages growth, investment, and job creation. 
  • Support efforts that reduces and provides a path to eliminate the state franchise tax.
  • Support a change in the tax code to make the jet fuel tax exemption permanent in North Carolina.
  • Support efforts to encourage economic development opportunities in the Charlotte region.
  • Support policies that expand trade and investment opportunities for all businesses to encourage economic growth, jobs and a fair playing field.   
  • Support our counties’ priorities related to affordable housing.   
  • Support the continuation and expansion of all economic development incentive programs.
  • Support funding for the arts, travel, tourism, professional sports and other things that make the Charlotte region attractive from an economic development perspective.
  • Support Right to Work laws for private and public employees.
  • Support efforts to reform the legal environment, which would allow for greater economic growth and investment in the Charlotte region.
Legislative Agenda


Ensure an environment that fosters innovation and sets the Charlotte Region apart in supporting business growth.

  • Support efforts that encourage, and don’t limit high-growth small business enterprises such as the fin tech, energy, advanced manufacturing, and craft beer industries.
  • Support policies that promote innovation and new opportunities in the “sharing economy” such as through uniform statewide regulations to encourage transportation and lodging alternatives while protecting public safety and taxing revenue streams.
  • Support efforts to ensure healthcare accessibility and affordability for individuals and employers to improve the physical and mental health of our community and attract and retain a skilled work force. 
Legislative Agenda


Build and maintain an efficient infrastructure system that plans for and addresses the growing demands of the Charlotte Region.

  • Support the Strategic Transportation Investments program for prioritization of transportation funding.
  • Support efforts to develop and adopt a sustainable funding model to support the completion of all major transportation projects (providing improved infrastructure) in the Charlotte region. 
  • Support continued efforts to complete a regional public transportation network.
  • Support funding for capital improvements at commercial service airports.
  • Support Disaster Recovery Legislation that helps businesses get essential workers and equipment into disaster areas quickly, allowing them to focus on the critical infrastructure needs of the state and its citizens.
  • Support policies that promote private sector investment in next generation broadband technologies and infrastructure critical to accelerating our 21st century economy for the Charlotte region.
Legislative Agenda


Drive innovation and resources to support the development of the strongest educational system in the country.

  • Support the continued funding of classroom enrollment growth in early childhood programs, pre-K, K-12, community colleges and public universities to meet the demand for talent in the Charlotte region.
  • Support continued reform of the teacher, faculty and state employee compensation system to make the Charlotte region more competitive.
  • Support efforts to reform K-12, community colleges and universities to allow for local flexibility in items such as: managing budget issues; recruiting, retraining, and promoting the best talent; and creating innovation for academic success.
  • Support a state-wide strategy for education construction funding that will address capital needs.
  • Support capital funding for UNC Charlotte to increase lab and classroom space for fast growing fields including STEM and computing and informatics.
  • Support Winthrop University changing the name in statute from the Carolinas Partnership for Economic Development to the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, which allows them to offer in-state tuition for graduate students in the footprint of the Alliance.
2018 Legislative Agenda Scorecard

2018 Legislative Agenda Scorecard

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