Becoming an investor has its perks.

Investor Benefits

Like us, our investors want to see our region thrive.

Investor Levels

Help craft our region’s success story. Tap into our our award-winning business data and insights, shake hands with the brightest change-makers in our region, and much more. Become an investor today.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Minimum $2,500 investment
Open Accordion

The Alliance’s Partner investment is designed for companies who want to contribute to furthering our mission while staying informed and focused on business development. Becoming a Partner provides your company a guided experience into our investor network.

As a Partner you can expect opportunities for executive engagement through Investor Quarterly Receptions and Regional Economic Development Talks. These invitation only events will provide access to expand your professional network and stay informed on the regional economy. You'll also have access to our economic research white papers and databases through the online Investor Portal.


Minimum $5,000 investment
Open Accordion

The Ally level was established for businesses who are committed to making a positive impact on their community through executive engagement. Not only are the companies investing at this level eager to engage, their leadership supports and guides our work in the region.

Ally investors have access to regional economic insights and meaningful executive engagement on a frequent basis. The cadence of opportunities is designed for you to build lasting relationships within our investor network of over 300 executive leaders. It's here that you're offered the ability to participate in building our Annual Plan at the Fall Planning Retreat and to travel with us as we're Exploring Economies.


Minimum $10,000 investment
Open Accordion

Understanding that hard work is easier done together, your company believes in the prosperity of the diverse communities that make our region and is devoted to our success. Your vested interest in seeing our region succeed is visible through your leadership support and guidance around fulfilling the work of our mission.

You and your company are celebrated investors with invitations to participate and attend exclusive events throughout the year, which includes our Annual Meeting & Citizens of the Carolinas VIP Reception.


Minimum $20,000 investment
Open Accordion

Achieving results requires great Leaders! You represent our region’s most committed business minds--the change makers who ensure that our community prospers by contributing your time, talent and resources to the collaborative effort of growing our region.

This investment is the perfect pairing between investor access and sponsorship visibility. It offers our highest caliber network AND a $10,000 sponsorship spend to be allocated around the offerings of your choice across our portfolio. Leaders are uniquely positioned to elevate their company's expertise while simultaneously growing their brand.


Minimum $50,000 investment
Open Accordion
The region’s top strategic minds unite at the Visionary level. As the name suggests, Visionaries are investors who, through experience, can help provide direction for the Alliance and Charlotte region as a whole. You are some of Charlotte’s most passionate businesses, and you’re determined to see our community grow and prosper.

Your investment fuels our mission through executive representation on our governing body, The Board of Trustees. Similarly to the design of our Leader level, Visionary investors have the option to resource $40,000 of their investment minimum toward sponsorship opportunities. Those who invest at this level are highly visible in all aspects of our organization. The servant leadership of your executive team propels the success of our mission and thus our region.
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Download Investor Benefits

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