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Tobacco-free workplaces are good for health and good for business!

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Healthy Living

How can you start today?

These simple steps can help:

  • Does your workplace currently have a Tobacco-Free policy?
  • Do you know the benefits of adopting best practices for tobacco free worksites?
  • Does your workplace offer tobacco use quit support and does your employee health plan cover quit medications and counseling?
  • Check out the resources on this page to learn more!
Healthy Living

Tobacco-free Workplace

A tobacco-free workplace is one of the most effective and lasting approaches to reducing employee tobacco use and eliminating exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke. Tobacco-free workplaces save lives and save money by:

  • Protecting the health of all workers
  • Supporting employees who are eager to quit using tobacco
  • Reducing maintenance and health care insurance costs
  • Preventing nonsmokers from starting to smoke or vape
Tobacco-Free Worksites Toolkit

American Cancer Society

Tobacco Use in the Workplace – A Model Policy

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American Heart Association

CEO Roundtable: Tobacco Control in the Workplace

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