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Our Driving Pillars


Business recruitment, expansion, innovation and intelligence

Business Pillar

We're Drivers

We’ll proactively target high-performance traded-sector industries with trajectories friendly to startups, emerging and mature companies, and we’ll seek foreign direct investment opportunities in proven markets.

We're Drivers
Business Pillar

What We're Going to Do

CONTINUE DEVELOPING relationships across performing sales channels: site-selection consultants, international decision makers and influencers, commercial real estate professionals and other investment multipliers

UTILIZE a data-driven and qualitative approach to generate prospects in traded-sector industries and domestic/foreign markets best-suited for regional success

DEVELOP a business recruitment plan to grow jobs in opportunity industries and target industries with demonstrated career pathways to drive sustainable growth

FOSTER a unified, “One Team” mentality with public and private economic development partners through seamless collaboration and alignment

Business Pillar

What We'll Measure

  • # of generated projects as defined by opportunities for new jobs and investment led by the Alliance meeting the following criteria:
    • Clearly articulated interest in the Charlotte Region
    • Decision-making criteria on what will drive the company’s location decision (# of jobs, investment, proximity to airport, real estate criteria, labor availability, infrastructure needs, etc.)
    • Decision time frame of no more than 24 months
    • Business qualifiers that increase the projects feasibility (funding, sales, regulatory approval, etc.)
  • # of projects supported as defined by opportunities for new jobs and investment not led by the Alliance which one of our partners has requested assistance in one or more of the following:
    • Research request
    • Real Estate request
    • Regional presentation
    • Company/Prospect visit
    • Consultation with a regional developer - Other
  • # of leads lead by the Alliance - Opportunities that have potential for new jobs and investment but, don’t yet meet the requirements as defined under generated projects. Leads have the potential to develop into generated projects.
  • # of new projects generated of international origin
  • # of visits from projects to the region
  • Establish quality standards for generated projects with each community
  • Execute quarterly DAC & IAC meetings as well as monthly EDAC meetings
  • Develop agreements and policies which clearly define protocols as well as the Alliance’s and partner organization roles in the economic development process
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Business Recruitment