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Our Driving Pillars


Economic and public policy advocacy and influence

Advocacy Pillar

We're the Voice

We’ll identify and champion what’s needed for business and people to thrive by looking down the line at what will make Charlotte the best region for investment, and we’ll set the table and invite policymakers alongside business and community leaders to co-create solutions to challenges that no single entity can tackle alone.

We're the Voice
Advocacy Pillar

What We're Going to Do

WORK with regional stakeholders to identify factors that propel and prohibit business investment in the Charlotte Region and proactively craft a long-term competitiveness agenda to champion in both state legislatures

PARTNER with business to evaluate bills that advance economic development and execute a research-backed legislative agenda

FOSTER regional engagement with elected officials and policymakers to increase the understanding and importance of inclusive economic development

ALIGN stakeholders on regional priorities like transportation, education, digital connectivity, housing and safety, and partner with others to conduct research to influence policy direction

Advocacy Pillar

What We'll Measure

  • Discern and champion legislative priorities that yield positive outcomes (# of provisions with outcome desired)
  • Mobilize policymakers, business and education on advances to economic development, regional competitiveness (# of meaningful meetings with elected officials, government affairs personnel in private sector, and existing industry)
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Joe Bost

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Joe Bost

Senior Vice President
Government Affairs