CLT Alliance Event

EDAC/DAC Meeting - April 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Kathleen Byrne

EDAC/DAC Meeting

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance  invites you to attend and participate in a joint meeting between the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) and the Domestic Advisory Council (DAC). 

During this shifting landscape, we want to hear your feedback on how the CLT Alliance can pivot to meet the current needs of our community. We will also provide an update on our economic development activities and how we are showing up differently.

Never has the CLT Alliance’s vision statement been truer than now: With united vision and bold action, we will create the most vibrant, innovative and healthy economy in the nation.

 Below you will find the agenda. The breakout room roundtable will consist of a mix of EDAC and DAC members, with the EDAC members moving to a new room every eight minutes until they visit all rooms. If there are any questions or suggestions of topic you would like covered during this time please email Kathleen Byrne.

9:30 AM | Welcome & Introductions | Donny Hicks
9:40 AM | State of the CLT Alliance | Janet LaBar
9:50 AM | Advocacy Pillar | Joe Bost
10:00 AM | Marketing Pillar | Rob Horton
Daily Digest
Marketing Update
10:15 AM | Research & Market Trends Update | Research Team
10:30 AM | Business Pillar | Recruitment Team
Project Activity Update
New outreach strategy
Travel calendar adjustments
10:50 AM | Breakout Room Roundtable | Kathleen Byrne
11:55 AM | Closing Remarks | Janet & Donny
12:00 PM | Adjourn