How To Overcome Cultural Conflict - The Silent Killer of Great Relationship
Date: March 27, 2019
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Show map
The Brass Tap
1440 S Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC

Contact: Cherise Walker

Have you ever felt that your co-worker’s enthusiasm, efforts, or energy didn’t quite live up to the dream of your expectation creating some initial conflict in return? Did you know this could have more to do with their cultural differences and experiences, rather than an actual personal vendetta? Despite this, every year thousands of employees endure high stress tension, absenteeism, loss of job, and in some cases, law suits over what is perceived as unyielding inner-office conflict. Reports also show that $359 billion in paid hours, (the equivalent of 385 million working days), is wasted each year in the US due to conflict.

Unfortunately, women tend to be more susceptible to internalizing this conflict over male counterparts. However, understanding and dealing with the root cause can be the difference between exercising defensiveness or embracing diversity.

Dawn Nicole, Keynote Speaker, Author and BrandDisco© Certified Soft Skills Executive Trainer, will provide techniques and strategies for "Overcoming Cultural Conflict" that will show you:
• a) How to become more conscious about overcoming unconscious biases in order to be intentional about exercising empathy, acceptance and inclusion.
• b) How to view matters from multiple perspectives to see outside of their inherited innate perspectives.
• c) Applying compassion and the benefit of doubt to opposing parties through our winning technique known as “Don’t Complain About The Receptionist™.”

About The Speaker:
Dawn Nicole, Keynote Speaker, Author & Executive Trainer

Dawn Nicole, is the Co-Founder & Vice President of BrandDisco©, a strategic leadership training company, and is the proud co-creator of an extensive product line of Brand Discovery™ Talent Assessments and Trainings - which introduced the global workforce to an extraordinary new talent management solution.
Personal Branding & Soft Skills Executive Coach, with over 19 years of Corporate Leadership experience, Dawn Nicole specializes in organizational development and talent management advisory.
Regarded as a highly sought after Professional and Personal Development Coach, Global Visionary, Dawn Nicole, brings innovative thinking, future forward views & new program implementation to the table.
Connect with her today:
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• Twitter: @askDawnNicole
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• Phone number: 704-709-0329 ext. 101

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