Talent Insights Thursday, November 12, 2020

Tech Talent in Charlotte

It is almost impossible to talk about business in the region without mentioning technology --- from the core high tech firms that have operations here to financial services and advanced manufacturing all segments of business in the region have experienced double digit growth in technology jobs since 2015.

Recognizing how technology is shaping the future in all businesses, the City of Charlotte and the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance launched a study earlier this year to learn how we can continue developing the Charlotte region into a top destination for diverse technology talent now and moving forward.

We engaged the Charlotte office of Slalom to help us design and execute a qualitative and quantitative study with employers, workforce, staffing firms and education partners across our region to get a comprehensive overview of the strengths and opportunities in our region for tech talent. 

The full study insights and conclusions won’t be available until Q1-2021 but as a CLT Alliance Weekly Digest subscriber we are giving you a sneak peek at some early insights.

Tech Careers are Forging New Pathways. Technology workers are redefining traditional career pathways by taking advantage of on-demand available training opportunities to learn new, marketable skills.  And while that training increases their skill set, it doesn’t always provide the management and leadership skills that many employers in the region are looking for.

Tech is Redefining Business.  In fact, some companies in the region have reframed how they talk about themselves as technology has taken its place alongside business aat the core of their company strategy, stating they are now a technology company whose business is ‘X’.

Our Region is Appealing.  For those that have already relocated here they were attracted by the opportunity and growth our region provides. Once they learned more about the quality of life and cost of living, they decided to make the move here and it is our tech community and culture that keeps them in the region.

The Tech Talent study has presented many opportunities for collaboration amongst stakeholders in the area.  Our teams will be outlining those opportunities to ensure that the Charlotte region is a top destination for tech talent now and for many years to come.

Posted by: Rob Horton, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer @ 12:00:00 am


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