Talent Insights Wednesday, October 7, 2020

CLT Alliance Talent Insights Young Professionals Survey

Earlier this year, as we navigated the day-to-day challenges of COVID-19, the CLT Alliance Young Professionals made outreach to young professionals in the Charlotte region to understand how they have been impacted by the pandemic.  Over 200 individuals participated and provided valuable insight.  Over 67% over our respondents were women with just over 30% male.  While the majority of those participating represented Mecklenburg County, we also had participants in Cabarrus, Union, York and Gaston counties – most residing in the area one – nine years.  Young professionals are identified as being between the ages of 21-39.


Bachelor’s Degree           50%+ (129 participants)

Master’s Degree              39%+ (101 participants)

Doctorate Degree           3.53% (9 participants)

Associate’s Degree         2.35% (6 participants)



Racial equity is a key priority for the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance.  While over 104 of the respondents believe the Charlotte Region is a diverse, equitable and inclusive community, 50 disagreed or strongly disagreed with another 42 remaining neutral and generally commenting there is still much work to do to address equitable disparities.  Themes around actions needed to improve race relations included having never-ending courageous conversations, equal pay, policy changes and neighborhood and transportation improvements.


During this pandemic, almost half of the respondents were considered essential workers with the ability to work remotely.  Having a remote option was noted as being extremely important and oftentimes described as a dealbreaker if not in place.  The long work days have proved challenging so work-life balance adjustments are important.


When asked is the Charlotte region was an ideal location for young professional women looking to start and/or grow their careers and cultivate valuable business relationships, 149 out of the 195 that answered either agreed or strongly agreed, believing that mentors, professional development and employment opportunities to achieve career success and goals.


The driving factors attracting the young professionals that responded were the quality and cost of living and career opportunities.  Young professionals also  agreed that they could realize their full personal and professional potential in the Charlotte region.

Posted by: Cherise Walker, Vice President, Talent Insights @ 12:00:00 am


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