CLT Alliance Blog Thursday, October 1, 2020

Infrastructure Series Session 1 & 2 Recap

The Infrastructure Series kicked off a couple of weeks ago.  We have had the opportunity to hear from trusted leaders and voices in our region.  These voices have navigated us through some of the history of our infrastructure, business coalitions to that paved the way, and what we need to do to ensure we build upon our past successes. 

Key Takeaways (from our first two sessions):

  • The Charlotte Regions business community has been an integral part of past successful pro-growth coalition. The coalition must be led by the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance. 
  • Investment comprehensively in all our infrastructure. Do what it takes to educate local, state, and federal leaders.  
  • Embrace and learn from our history to ensure a more equitable path for future Infrastructure Investments. 
  • Total Transportation Solution: High Impact, Low Excitement Projects that move the needle for all communities.
  • Educate our Policymakers on the history of discrimination in our infrastructure systems and highlight the importance of transportation to all communities.

Infrastructure Video: We kicked off our series with this fantastic video.  This video does a great job highlighting the need for us to look at our infrastructure holistically. 

Book:  In session two, one of our panelist, Professor Wilbur Rich, highlighted his new book: “The Transformative City: Charlotte’s Takeoffs and Landings?  Click here for more information.  

What else is happening in our region on Transportation Infrastructure? 

  • Airline Relief: as mentioned yesterday, the airline relief could use your voice with our Congressional Delegation. Read more here about the potential impact, if Congress does not act.  Please consider contacting your Representative or Senator.
  • Beyond 77 - Beyond 77 is an initiative focused on improving the mobility experience surrounding the I-77 corridor. 
  • CONNECT Beyond - CONNECT Beyond is the first regional effort (2 states, 12 counties, 5K sq. mi., and 2.6 M people) to create a single, coordinated transit vision that includes multiple transit modes.


Posted by: Joe Bost, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs @ 12:00:00 am


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