Talent Insights Tuesday, September 1, 2020

CLT Alliance Power of Women Virtual Luncheon Recap: Pathway to C-Suite


Power of Women hosted a session focused on Pathway to C-Suite – a conversation on how area female leaders in our community navigated their way to  current executive-level positions and their viewpoint on racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

Leading this conversation was Monifa Drayton with Atrium Health, a leadership consultant, and one of the original architects of the Power of Women platform. Also participating on the panel:
Kandi Deitemeyer, President - Central Piedmont Community College
Danielle Frazier, President & CEO - Charlotte Works
Betsy Hauser, CEO - Tech Talent South
Carol Lovin, Executive Vice President, Chief Integration Officer & Chief of Staff - Atrium Health
Kim Lanphear, CEO - Apparo

A record number of participants, 207 in total, were able to gain insight in the following areas where we collected several key themes:

We are experiencing racial unrest in this country and around the world.  What have you recognized as an opportunity to support diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization? 
Start with self-reflection.  Have courageous conversations about racism.  It is important to lean in to your teams and be ok walking in the space of ignorance, while embracing the need to provide a safe space for expression while seeking to understand.  This will require being vulnerable.  It is important to claim ownership for how you step forward in the space of racial equity and make actions and statements you can stand behind.  None of us have this all figured out.  Give grace to yourself and to others.

None of us have experienced or lived through a pandemic.  What challenges have you experienced leading through a pandemic and what have you learned?
The challenge initially adapting to an accelerated pace.  Transitioning to a completely virtual environment was a challenge.  There are no breaks in between meetings now.  Separating work from home is still a delicate balance, coupled with the need to facilitate our children in remote learning.  Take the time to be still and quiet and tap in to your inner self.  Check in with your teams to see how everyone is doing and what can you do to help.  And gain, giving yourself GRACE.

What changes have you implemented at your organization to grow racial equity and answer the call of the black community? 
Creating a task force and a culture of accountability.  Intentional removal of terminology that might be racially offensive.  Post job openings at HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and diverse spaces for talent recruitment.  Making equity a part of the mission.  Get implicit bias training for your organization.

What keeps you up at night:
How do we continue trust in this virtual environment?
Are we doing enough as a team?
The future.
Are we going backwards on gender equality due to the pandemic?

What would you tell your 20 year old self?
Be a life-long learner. Read. Reflect. Strive to always be authentic.
Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail.
Enjoy the journey.
Laugh more.

Posted by: Cherise Walker, Vice President, Talent Insights @ 12:00:00 am


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