Talent Insights Thursday, August 27, 2020

CLT Alliance Young Professionals Virtual Luncheon Recap: Racial Equity in the Workplace

On August 12, the CLT Alliance Young Professionals hosted a virtual luncheon addressing racial equity in the workplace and the role young professionals play.  While young professionals oftentimes have limited decision making power, their impact and influence is key to activating actual change.

Leading the conversation and sharing perspectives were:

  • Fernando Little, Atrium Health
  • Ohavia Phillips, The Oh Show
  • Simone Rixey, Wells Fargo
  • Mark Rufty, TIAA

Panelists discussed why diversity, equity and inclusion are so important and provided examples of successful programs and policies such as creating web portals, affinity groups, revamped hiring practices, etc.  The importance of implementing diversity, equity and inclusion practices and measures in the talent management (hiring, promotion and retention) is critical.

Key Themes
Introspection is needed first and foremost.  Understand your unconscious bias.

Collaborate with young professionals in your organization and with other groups.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are good for business.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a journey.  We are not there yet.

Build team member networks so these groups can be mobilized to create safe spaces for all employees.

During this time of racial unrest - check in on the people of color in your network and at your workplace. 

Takeaways and action steps for young professionals and young leaders to build your diversity, equity and inclusion tool kit:

It all starts with you - large and small, personally and professionally.  Educate yourself on what your company is doing so you’re not recreating the wheel.  We are better together in collaboration opportunities.  It’s also important to be solution oriented and empathetic while learning about the experience of others.  Gain self-awareness and understand your own experience and engage in courageous conversations.  EXTEND GRACE.

Retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce reduces turnover and equates to a cost savings from a retention perspective and helps the bottom line.  A more diverse group also attributes to more thoughtful outcomes in marketing and messaging.

Social Media – make sure you have stock images that include everyone.  Mine the images that you use.  Have your PR messaging ready.  Manage crisis and challenge, don’t run from it.

Look at racial justice templates of organizations already doing the work and build on your own.

The CLT Alliance Young Professionals will continue to curate and coordinate these courageous and often uncomfortable conversations and convene thought leaders dedicated to racial equity and will contribute to an organizational tool kit, helping organizations in our community with resources, best practices, guidelines, etc., that support a pathway to prosperity for all.

Posted by: Cherise Walker, Vice President, Talent Insights @ 12:00:00 am


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