CLT Alliance Blog Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What's on Your Mind? Top Takeaways from CIOs

With news that we're less than two days away from a Shelter at Home Order in Mecklenburg County, my mind is racing about how best to prepare and equip the CLT Alliance staff with their technical needs indefinitely. Fortunately, we seem to be in fairly good shape thanks in part to fellow CIOs across the country who stay connected and share best practices through programs like InspireCIO. 

Last Friday, I took part in a national "pulse check" hosted by the organization with colleagues representing companies from all sectors and sizes. What did I learn? We are experiencing the this biggest work from home experiment in history. 

Here are the top takeaways and concerns that were voiced:

  • Do we have the necessary bandwidth for internet congestion and to handle conflicts with streaming services?
  • Maintain a strong relationship with your CFO to make the case for equipment & PO to keep business going
  • Don’t age out old equipment because new equipment may be hard to get and there could be major supply chain issues
  • How do we deal with data security when you are working remotely, are home networks secure?
  • Anticipate potential issues with security auditors who either don’t want to go to certain locations or can't get access to locations
  • Push off non-critical spending and put new projects on hold
  • Multiple businesses are moving personal around to different groups to fill gaps, also moving budget money around
  • Keep connections with your staff! HR should offer non-work events, social interactions like Happy Hour or a virtual event (baby showers, birthdays)


Posted by: Mike Montagna, Vice President, Information Systems @ 4:00:00 pm

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