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Monday, March 30

Practice of meditation & mindfulness are natural stress-reducers. Join @NovantHealth on this #MindfulMonday for a breathing exercise to help lower stress & increase productivity & energy. #HealthyCLT recommends practicing breathing exercises each day.


Monday, April 6

Now more than ever we need to take care of our mental health and that of our children. Thanks to Atrium Health for providing these helpful tips. #MindfulMonday #HealthyCLT


Monday, April 13

Join the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Heartfulness meditation trainer Pam Turner for a guided introduction to meditation. Take a moment to find stillness and connect with your inner wisdom. #MindfulMonday #HealthyCLT


Monday, April 20

During this unprecedented, scary, and isolating time HopeWay Primary Therapist, Corey Connelly, MA, LPC, LCAS, provides 10 tips for coping with social distancing. #MindfulMonday #HealthyCLT


Monday, April 27

Thanks to Novant Health Corporate Health for sharing this quick, easy, and nutritious salad recipe. Enjoy! #MindfulMonday #HealthyCLT


Monday, May 4

Thanks to USI Population Health Management PULSE for this week's Mindful Monday.

Mind full or Mindful? In this time of incredible stress, working from home, home-schooling and more - how you cope and take care of you mental, emotional and overall health is extremely important. Mindfulness meditation and taking time to focus, be aware without judgement, and be kind to yourself - has many benefits. #MindfulMonday #HealthyCLT


Monday, May 11

Being mindful affects every area of our lives, including intentionally moving. Kathleen Byrne, Director, Business Recruitment, CLT Alliance, shares her #Mindful Movement story. #Mindful Monday, #MindfulMovement, #Healthy CLT.