How the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Can Help Chinese Clients


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Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Support for Companies
The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the economic development of the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. One of our main objectives is to attract companies to our city, and we offer our services at no charge. Our role is to confidentially support investors in all phases of their projects with the following services:
  • Provide data on all aspects of local infrastructure, including highway and air connections; wages and salaries; availability and skill level of local workers; commercial real estate lease rates; and the availability of office, warehouse and manufacturing space, among other things.
  • Develop contacts with selected managers of the many foreign-owned companies in Charlotte-Mecklenburg so that clients may form a completely independent impression of our city and county.
  • Provide referrals to law firms that specialize in establishing foreign companies’ U.S. subsidiaries and obtaining U.S. visas for key employees.
  • Provide contacts with tax advisors, accountants, bankers and other providers of services typically required by new U.S. subsidiaries.
  • Identify suitable real estate options, including office space, warehouses, existing manufacturing buildings and greenfield sites for new building construction.
  • Conduct tours of identified real estate options.
  • Conduct city-county tours to familiarize clients with Charlotte’s many areas: downtown, industrial zones, residential housing neighborhoods, etc.
  • Provide referrals to local real estate firms that specialize in finding houses and apartments for relocating managers.
  • Make introductions to regional technical schools and universities that offer customized training programs for new workers.
  • Provide lists of manufacturers that work as subcontractors, particularly in plastics and metalworking.
  • Provide information on financial incentive programs and develop contacts with the state and local authorities who manage such programs.
For additional information on Charlotte please contact:

Ms. Eileen Cai
Tel: +1.704.378.1316