Charlotte Regional Business Alliance
Economic Development

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance's economic growth and development team can help you find answers to your questions about doing business in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Let us know how we can help you. Expertise we provide includes:

  • An overview of business, and life, in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
  • Comprehensive, detailed information on what is available in commercial real estate and a strong network of brokers and property managers throughout Mecklenburg County
  • The best in research and data on all aspects of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
  • Contacts and tips for working with local and state government
  • Access to business leaders who know the community
  • Fast, personal and confidential service
  • A network of strategic allies who understand the questions you have, and the services you need, during the business relocation or expansion process.

Please visit our staff contact page to learn about any one of us. We welcome any inquiries.