Healthy Charlotte Award Winner 2015

Central Piedmont Community College set out on a journey of Health and Wellness nearly 10 years ago well before most companies understood that Health and Wellness is far greater than seeing your healthcare provider when you have the flu. It was, by their measure, slow going in the beginning, but their commitment never wavered. With the support of their top leadership, dedicated staff and an inquisitive and somewhat willing employee base, they kept at it.

Today, their “BeWell” program envelops a broad range of focus areas from nutrition and physical activity to working to lower the rate of chronic disease CPCC did not shy away from building a culture of health and wellness and establishing metrics to measure their progress.

Their success is in their numbers and in the numerous stories their employees like to share with their friends, family and across the community. BeWell has been so successful it has garnered both local and national media attention.

In 10 years, the BeWell program had a:

  • 712% increase in the number of community and business partnerships
  • 910% increase in employees participation
  • 970% increase in the number of events offered each year
  • 100% of community partners rate their experience at CPCC as meeting or exceeding their expectations
  • 1,000 employees have attended the Annual Employee Health and Fitness Day
  • 600 employees have received health screenings
  • 400 employees each month, actively move more by walking or working-out